State of the Syria crisis response: Assessing Humanitarian and Development Challenges

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Enabling human potential in displacement


More than 66 million around the world are displaced from their homes. Nowhere is the realization of human potential more challenged than in conflict zones and situations of displacement. Voluntās Advisory has helped the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs identify how they could expand their support to Syrian refugees living in Jordan and Lebanon.

Identifying some of the main challenges to refugees living in safety and dignity – necessary pre-condition for realizing your human potential – we ensured that Denmark would support Syrian refugees access to health care in Jordan, enhanced social protection in Lebanon, as well as capacity building of local civil society organization so they can continue to play an important role in providing support and services to refugees and vulnerable Lebanese families.

By the way, our second annual State of the Syria crisis response: Assessing Humanitarian and Development Challenges found that meaningfulness was one of the key drivers of the perception of response performance. The more the respondents feel that the work his/her organization resonates with their own personal values, the more positive the respondent views the response performance.

Third Annual Report
June 2019

Second Annual Report
April 2018

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