PPP opportunities in South Africa’s water sector

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South Africa faces a looming water gap, already reaching an acute state in Cape Town. The water supply is only likely to decrease further with global warming with a projected water deficit of 17% by 2030.

As a result, there is a need to invest an estimated 700B rand over the next 10 years, only half of which is included in the current public budgets. There is therefore an urgent need to attract private finance to refurbish the current infrastructure, build new sources of supply and develop new mechanisms for re-use.



Voluntas partners with the Confederation of Danish Industry and the National Business Initiative, a voluntary South African business coalition founded by Nelson Mandela, to determine the potential of Public-Private Partnerships to address the water gap.

Together we take a dialogue-based, bottom-up approach to identifying PPP opportunities, building on a combination of international best practice and local input to recommend a custom-tailored approach.



The end goal of the project is a coalition of key stakeholders in South Africa that develops high-impact PPPs in the water sector.

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