Improving living standards

and quality of life.

Actors are enabled to contribute to inclusive distribution of opportunities and growth from the local to the global level. 

What we do
in Policy Advisory

For many of the world’s humans, their opportunities to realize their potential is robbed from them, taken by other people who are threatened, fearful or envious of the brilliance of their potential. Working in complex environments, providing intelligence based, enlightened and innovative policymaking as well as producing impactful analyses, we strive to create a conducive system for human beings to realize their full potential.

Providing intelligence based
and innovative policy
and programmatic support

Gathering evidence and data
in challenging settings

Supporting programming
and strategy design

Training and capacity building

Informing public debate
of complex issues

Providing analytics and assessments of complex issues

Publish reports, articles, op-eds, etc.
on topics of public interest

Ensuring accountability and transparency of efforts

Independent monitoring and verification of activities and programming

Review and evaluation
of strategies, policies and projects



The latest
from Policy Advisory


Local Conflict Sensitivity Analysis in Libya

Local Conflict Sensitivity Analysis in Libya

Situation Projects implemented in conflict-ridden and highly volatile areas have a high likelihood of both influencing and being shaped by conflict dynamics. Thus, conflict-sensitivity analyses have grown essential to minimize unintended negative effects (Do-No-Harm)...