Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Purpose

Realizing human potential

From values to virtues

At Voluntās we do not have values. We have virtues.
The concept of value originates from the language of economics, whereas the concept of virtues originates from the language of morality. Voluntās is not about economics, but all about morality.

We are a fundamental change to the way money is earned, spent and invested.

Our virtues

above self-confidence

We take pride in our work…

… but we believe in recognizing our weaknesses as much as our strengths to improve and develop.

Humbleness & Hard Work
above good intentions

Everything starts with good intentions…
… but we believe in diligence and persistence to create a beautiful ending.

above compassion

We care for each other…
… but we believe in candidness to build professional intimacy.

above emotions

We are powered by passion…
… but we believe in evidence to steer our decision making.

Bestseller from Morten Albæk

Never have we been more educated, more wealthy, and never have we lived longer with more opportunities in life. At the same time, we have never been more stressed, anxious, depressed or lonely. In his new book, Morten Albæk investigates this paradox while giving his view on how we ensure that the lives we live become as meaningful as possible.

It is now available in English.





2+ years

Top 10
as Bestseller

The box of great conversations

What do you value most in life? Who, if anyone, would you like to ask for forgiveness? Which moral standards guide you through life?

FuelBox MEANINGFUL LIFE is a great tool to explore yourself together with other people. It lets you share perspectives, challenges the way you live your life and inspires how you can live tomorrow. 

The 180 open-ended questions in this box are based on Albæk’s book “One Life: How we forgot to live meaningful lives.” The purpose of this box is to share the meaningful conversations that can help us live the one life we have as consciously as possible.