Our human potential

at Voluntas

We are all-in to fundamentally change how human potential is lead and realized

Our people

We are a family of unique human beings, however, we are sharing the same virtues in life: Self-awareness above self-confidence, honesty above compassion, facts above emotions and humbleness and hard work above good intentions.

Alexander Kjærum
Dana Fuentes de Tienda
Jan Eggers
Jakob Wichmann
Jeppe Fischer
Katrine Jul Nielsen
Lasse Wagner
Maria Louise Bogs
Morten Albæk
Sofia Terragni
Tobias Søndergaard

Browse through our melting pot of choir singers, jugglers, squash players, philosophers, mothers, fathers, travelers, moon-walkers and beyond.

Ditte Maria Andersen-Hoel
Elisabeth Dencker Løwe Jacobsen
Jacob Mittun
Julian Plucnar Jacobsen
Marwa Cherni
Martina Zaharov
Mikele Diab
Mathias Esmann
Valentina Gius
Christina Blicher
Engelina Hoogeland
Hannah Linnemann 
Josefine  Bank Johansen
Kristian Lykke Winberg
Mia Sander
Nadeem Lala
Nicolai Ellemann Iversen 
Sandra Brühlmann
Thomas Boeskov Nielsen

Management consultants by profession and philosophers by heart, we work with public actors, private enterprises and investors from around the world in shaping investment strategies, business development and policy with a meaningful impact. We believe it significantly increases the quality of living, while we know it sustainably accelerates the productivity and profitability of doing business. We pursue advisory, investments and analytics to bring a fundamental change to the way human potential is led and realized.


Wildersgade 10b

3rd floor

1408 København K


2 Rue Hannibal

Gammarth Supérieur




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