Realizing human potential

By merging our philosophical laboratory and research with real-life experience, Voluntās Learning provides a space for you to be enlightened, training together with us, on how to realize human potential.

We aspire to choose subjects which are unique, challenging, and essential for organizations of today and tomorrow, teaming up with experts who know the facts and ensure longevity in the learning on how to create, lead, and adapt meaningful organizations.

Our 5 courses


Leading through meaningfulness

Four days of high level introduction to meaningful leadership, providing tools for organizational transformation

  • Insights from leading thinkers on leadership virtues and human potential leadership
  • Skill-building through case work with your personal leadership as the cornerstone
  • Tangible tools for transforming the organization into a more human version of itself 

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Fighting meaningless work in your organization

Identifying tasks that only resemble real work and the organizational misunderstandings that create them.   

  • Awareness about pseudowork, introducing work culture that brings real value creation 
  • Skills for investigating pseudowork for ‘sanity checks’ on ineffective tasks
  • Organizational and behavioral changes ready to implement, creating push back on bureaucracy



Building understanding across perceptions

Providing insight to recognize, the courage to handle, and the abilities to conversate about offensive behavior at the workplace

  • An overview of a complex domain, covering gender, generations, and sexuality
  • Spotting offensiveness with tangible tools for engaging in professional conversations
  • Insights into the everyday life for people who don’t fit into the majority’s perceptions

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Creating cross-cultural awareness

Harvesting benefits from cultural diversity in your organization with advanced skills in culturally intelligent leadership

  • Awareness about cultural blind spots in business, collaboration, and leadership
  • Mapping differences in cross-cultural
  • Bridge-building skills providing mutual understanding and
    ‘cultural intelligence’



Developing resilient human-beings and organizations

Helping participants support and contribute to a culture and an organizational environment with lower levels of stress

  • What is the difference between being busy and being stressed?
    An introduction to the biology and psychology of stress.  
  • Knowledge on how to build robust employees, resilient to bad stress and on handling employees with symptoms of stress
  • Tools for having meaningful conversations, exploring the individual sources of stress.

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Our webinar on Voluntas Learning

Spend half an hour with our Senior Advisor and Head of Learning, Dennis Nørmark, unfolding key elements from our five courses and highlighting the biggest challenges of organizations of today and tomorrow.

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