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We are constantly developing our philosophy in order to fundamentally changing how human potential is led and realised. Here you can get an insight into our laboratory. 


The insights are gathered from our different expertise areas across Voluntas Group consisting of articles, case studies, videos, reports and much more.

Involvement in The Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme

In collaboration with Baltic Sea Cluster Development Centre, Voluntās Policy Advisory (Voluntās) is currently involved in the “COVID19-Communities Response and Resilience” project targeting themes “Citizen engagement/community response” as well as “The Economic of Health Service Delivery”.

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Supporting UNICEF on the COVID-19 pandemic in Libya

To support effective COVID-19 crisis communication and community outreach by the Libyan Ministry of Health and the National Centre for Disease Control, Voluntās Policy Advisory supported UNICEF in the development and implementation of a nationwide survey-based behavioral assessment in Libya.

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The Libyan labour market of the future

On December 9, Voluntās presented the outcomes of a recent feasibility study for the establishment of a Labour Market Information System (LMIS) in Libya to Libyan government and private sector stakeholders.

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Elections in Libya – perspectives and prospects

Faiez Serraj and Agilah Saleh have called for a ceasefire. The implementation of elections in Libya is therefore once again on the agenda. Niklas Kabel Pedersen, Head of Voluntas Policy Advisory, provides some perspectives on potential challenges to holding national elections in Libya in the near future.

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Local Conflict Sensitivity Analysis in Libya

Projects implemented in conflict-ridden and highly volatile areas have a high likelihood of both influencing and being shaped by conflict dynamics. Thus, conflict-sensitivity analyses have grown essential to minimize unintended negative effects (Do-No-Harm) and maximize positive impacts of interventions carried out by external actors.

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Supporting inclusive employment in Egypt’s ICT sector

Supported by the European Union, the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and the Federation of Egyptian Industry/Environmental Compliance Office (FEI/ECO) aimed to analyze the gaps between Egyptian businesses’ needs and the skills of the workforce in order to enable a dialog on new initiatives to increase employability and thus employment.

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