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Help us create, lead and adapt meaningful organizations, brands, and planet.

Voluntās is a young, busy, and borderline chaotic advisory firm, but armed with a purpose-driven mentality (and a lot of hard work), we work together to make a meaningful impact on our beautiful world.

We continue to strengthen our business and are now looking for new colleagues in Voluntās Advisory. Based on our Copenhagen office, you will join a team of management consultants by profession, philosophers by heart. Rooted in humanistic capitalism, we work to grasp the core meaning of organizations to anchor it in leadership, culture, strategy, performance management, and brand – from building purpose and strategic narratives to measuring and operationalizing meaningfulness.

You are not expected to be a partner at a management consultancy or a professor in philosophy, but you are expected to know the basic crafts of consulting, roll up your sleeves, learn from your colleagues, and approach work with independence, structure, and creativity. All to bring a fundamental change to the way human potential is led and realized. 

So, if you are motivated by creating something that has never been done before, by doing something that will make a difference to others and by making more lives more meaningful – then, please come work with us!

Your Ethics

  • You put honesty above compassion
  • You put self-awareness above self-confidence
  • You put facts above emotions
  • You put humbleness and hard-work above good intentions

Main Competencies

  • You are a strong problem solver and can uncover what matters
  • You can link philosophical thinking and practical impact
  • You get things done 
  • You know how to tell a story – both visually and written
  • You bring a structured mindset into a borderline chaotic organization
  • You can be trusted with stakeholder communications 
  • You can contribute with creative ideas on how to realize organizations’ potential – and execute them
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills – Danish skills preferred but not required

Main Responsibilities

  • Structure and solve our client’s problems (together with the team – you are not alone)
  • Quantitative & qualitative analysis (no, you don’t need to be a Ph.D. in Statistical Methods)
  • Develop presentations and workshops
  • Engage in client dialogue and build professional intimacy
About Voluntās (Latin: will, goal, purpose, meaning)

Voluntās was created in 2015 by philosopher and business executive Morten Albaek with a clear purpose: to fundamentally change how we lead and realize human potential.

Management consultants by profession and philosophers by heart, we work with public actors, private enterprises and investors from around the world in shaping investment strategies, business development and policy with a meaningful impact.

We believe it significantly increases the quality of living while we know it sustainably accelerates the productivity and profitability of doing business. Through our two companies – Voluntās Advisory and Voluntās Policy Advisory – we pursue advisory and analytics that fundamentally change how human potential is led and realized.

How to apply

Interested candidates should do the following:


  1. Write a short story of who you are as a human being
  2. Tell us about your most inspiring project imaginable in Voluntās (not a current one)
  3. Describe the three biggest weaknesses you will bring to Voluntās

Applications should be written in English with the title “Consultant at Voluntas Advisory”. Selected candidates will be invited for interviews to discuss their self-awareness, interests, and experience.  Deadline: June 2, 2020.

The positions are aimed to be filled 1st of August. 

For any inquiries – please contact:
Consultant, Jeppe Fischer
Phone: +45 27 26 58 79


OBS: Upload your application via the link below from a Google Chrome browser.


Our Virtues

above compassion

above emotions

Humbleness and Hard Work
above good intentions

above self-confidence