Analyst at Center for Applied Meaningfulness

Job Opening

Copenhagen, Denmark


Help us carry out research and analyze data towards a more meaningful planet, societies, organizations, and brands.

As a group of philosophers by heart and management consultants by profession, we seek to reach beyond philosophy toward a unified purpose: realizing human potential. This year we established the Center for Applied Meaningfulness (CAM) to achieve that objective.

As an analyst you will support CAM by conducting global research into meaningfulness and by applying those insights through front and back-end development of interactive tools that will enable companies, foundations, boards, leaders and governments to create, adapt and drive a meaningful organization, brand, society and planet.

About you
You put honesty above compassion, self-awareness above self-confidence, facts above emotions and humbleness and hard work above good intentions. You are experienced in working with Python, NodeJS, SQL, or similar tools with a firm grasp of client-side development. You have strong visualization skills (e.g. D3, Dash, etc.) with a solid understanding of natural language processing.

What you will gain
Working in our Copenhagen office, you will be surrounded by human beings who excel in creating meaningful working environments that help our analysts find and do what they find meaningful. You will have the opportunity to create new and engaging tools and platforms based on human-centered research and analytics in collaboration with philosophers, policy wonks, economists, and other experts around the world. Additionally, you will be instrumental in using automation and optimization to reduce the burden of pseudo work and to enable people to spend more time on what they find meaningful.

How to apply
In addition to your CV, please write a cover letter, containing the following:

  1. Write a short story of who you are as a human being
  2. What is your most inspiring project imaginable in Voluntās? (not a current one)
  3. Imagine you could choose anyone (living or dead) to be your mentor for one full day. Who would it be, and why?

The Analyst position is a paid full-time internship. The cover letter and CV should be written in English. Selected candidates will be invited for interviews to discuss their self-awareness, interests, and experience.

Deadline: September 19th 2021, but we will be recruiting on an ongoing basis. Early applications are therefore encouraged.

We encourage all qualified applicants to apply, irrespective of age, gender, race or ethnicity.

For any questions regarding the position, please reach out to Zachary Helms

Feel free to reach out:

  Zachary Helms