Human Potential

Believing in yourself is only half as powerful as knowing yourself

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If you are motivated by creating something that has never been done before, by doing something that will make a difference to others and by making more lives more meaningful – then, please come work for us!

Recruitment Process

As we put self-awareness above self-confidence, we care as much about your weaknesses as we care about your strengths. We care as much about who you are not, as we care about who you are. We care as much about your regrets as we care about your achievements. 




We ask you three essential questions to answer – in addition to a normal resume – to get insight into who you are and how you think.


Facts above emotions


You are given a test, which will lay the foundation for a self-awareness discussion on the first conversation, should you qualify as a human being.



Conversations and cases

Two rounds of conversations based on your self-insight, your test results and a case, to assess your self-awareness.


Platonic love

Final conversation

Can you see a clear potential in falling in love with us – platonically – and can we equally see a potential in falling in love with you?

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