Analytics Associate at Voluntās Advisory

Analytics Associate
at Voluntās Advisory
› Tunis, Tunisia

Help us process and analyze data into insights for a more meaningful planet, organizations, and brands

Voluntās is a young, busy, and borderline chaotic advisory firm. Armed with a purpose-driven mentality (and a lot of hard work), we work together to make a meaningful impact on our beautiful world.

We are strengthening our business and are therefore looking for a new Analytics Associate. Working from our office in Tunis, you will join a team of human beings who are management consultants by profession and philosophers by heart.

With our roots in humanistic capitalism, we work to grasp the core meaning of organizations. We do this to anchor meaningfulness in leadership, culture, strategy, performance management, and brand – from building purpose to developing strategic narratives, the focus is on measuring and operationalizing meaningfulness.

Working with data is a fundamental condition of our work. To help our clients leverage its potential, we take a humble approach to collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing it. As much as we want to let data speak, we recognize that awareness and analyses are needed to decide what is relevant – and what is simply noise.

As an Analytics Associate, you will be working closely with other Voluntarians focused on in-depth data analytics to drive analyses that help our clients realize their full potential. Specifically, you will be collecting, processing, and analyzing data, in addition to portraying compelling stories about how organizations, brands and the people inhabiting our planet can change for the better.

An important part of the position is gathering data as well as developing and presenting insights that help us build up our brand. At the same time, you will be supporting project teams within Voluntas Advisory with structuring and building analytical frameworks and tools.

Your Ethics

  • You put honesty above compassion
  • You put self-awareness above self-confidence
  • You put facts above emotions
  • You put humbleness and hard-work above good intentions

Main Competencies

  • Solid understanding of statistics and predictive modelling
  • Experienced in working with Tableau, PowerBI, Alteryx, Python, R, SQL, or other similar languages/tools
  • Solid understanding of how API’s function
  • Strong visualization skills (e.g. building dashboards)
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills
  • Able to structure and drive independent work

Main Responsibilities

  • Data collection from a broad variety of sources
  • Data processing and subsequent analyses
  • Producing presentations, reports, and dashboards
  • Creating new analytics tools or models
About Voluntās (Latin: will, goal, purpose, meaning)

Voluntās was created in 2015 by philosopher and business executive Morten Albæk with a clear purpose: to fundamentally change how we lead and realize human potential. Since its creation, Voluntās has become one of the fastest-growing consultancies in Denmark, and now has offices in Copenhagen and Tunis, with the number of employees steadily growing to our current size of 35 beautiful human beings.

Management consultants by profession and philosophers by heart, we specialize in advising companies, foundations, boards, leaders and governments on how to create, adapt and drive a meaningful organization, brand, society and planet.

We believe our contribution significantly increases the quality of living while we know it sustainably accelerates the productivity and profitability of doing business. Through humbleness and hard work, we pursue advisory and analytics that fundamentally change how human potential is led and realized.

How to apply

In addition to your CV, please write a cover letter, containing the following:

  1. Write a short story of who you are as a human being
  2. Tell us about your most inspiring project imaginable in Voluntās (not a current one)
  3. Imagine you could choose anyone (living or dead) to be your mentor for one full day. Who would it be, and why?

The cover letter and CV should be written in English. Selected candidates will be invited for interviews to discuss their self-awareness, interests, and experience. Deadline: October 19, 2020.

We encourage all qualified applicants to apply, irrespective of age, gender, race or ethnicity.

For any questions regarding the position, please reach out to Kristian Winberg, Advisor (


Our Virtues

above compassion

above emotions

Humbleness and Hard Work
above good intentions

above self-confidence