Increasing meaningfulness
for human beings and organizations.

We help organizations uncover their full potential and anchor it internally and externally – fostering meaningful work and meaningful brands.

What we do
in Advisory

Rooted in humanistic capitalism, we work to grasp the core meaning of organizations to anchor it in leadership, culture, strategy, performance management and brand – from building purpose and strategic narratives to measuring and operationalizing meaningfulness.

Our Expertise Areas in Advisory

Identity &

Uncovering Purpose & DNA

Strategic Narrative

An ‘archeologic’ exercise uncovering the WHY and DNA anchored in a distinct narrative of WHO you are as an organization.

Purpose-driven Strategy

Developing strategies where the purpose is at the heart of the strategy inspiring organizations to think from the DNA

Sustainability Strategy

Defining impact roadmap, initiatives and KPI’s anchored in UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Cultural DNA and Virtues

Defining virtues and non-financial KPI’s to lay the foundation of the cultural DNA and desired behavior

Organizational Structure

Designing and re-aligning organizational structure to the DNA and aligning all operations along

Equity Story and Cultural Due Diligence

Conveying the existing organizational culture and assessing the fit for successful integration in Mergers & Acquisitions

Performance Management

Realizing human potential

360 Leadership Assessment

Framework for reviewing leaders from a 360-degree perspective deeply anchored in the virtues and the purpose

Behavioral Targets

Mapping and aligning targets with strategy and purpose to promote and enhance desired behavior

Meaningfulness Survey

Measuring the level of meaning and engagement in the workplace through the Meaningfulness Quotient (MQ)

Operating Model & Principles

Reviewing capabilities among the total pool of human potential and identifying the gaps

Performance Feedback Frameworks

Replacing the traditional ‘Annual Performance Reviews (or MUS) with Self-awareness Conversations and Meaningfulness Conversations

Compensation & Rewards

Incorporating Cultural Key Performance Indicators (C-KPIs) to promote cultural behavior aligned with the DNA and the strategic narrative

Education &

Training Meaningful Practices

Self-awareness Excercises

 Individual or group learning sessions building self-awareness and trust to enable team-work and high performance

Meaningful Leadership

Developing and preparing the leaders of today and tomorrow to lead with purpose and create meaning for their employees

Key Account Management & Sales

Teaching techniques on how to incorporate professional intimacy instead of professional distance to establish strong relationships

Team Building

Uniting teams by building individual and collective self-insight based on strengths, weaknesses and collective targets

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