Fundamentally changing

how human potential

is led and realized

Management Consultants by profession and Philosophers by heart

Say hello to our two expertise areas…

Rooted in humanistic capitalism, we work to grasp the core meaning of organizations to anchor it in leadership, culture, strategy, performance management and brand – from building purpose and strategic narratives to measuring and operationalizing meaningfulness.

We help remove barriers between humans and their potential – by enhancing innovative and enlightened policy-making, and bringing transparency and accountability to the efforts and impact of public actors.

Some of the organizations we work with

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Meaningfulness Conversation

The Meaningfulness Conversation is based on a dialogue about the barriers that in life or at work stand in the way of realizing the meaning that you aspire to and need.

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Bestseller from Morten Albæk

Never have we been more educated, more wealthy, and never have we lived longer with more opportunities in life. At the same time, we have never been more stressed, anxious, depressed or lonely. In his new book, Morten Albæk investigates this paradox while giving his view on how we ensure that the lives we live become as meaningful as possible.

It is now available in English.



12 months as
Top 10 Bestseller